From your PPL, you can progress on to obtain your CPL.

Commercial Pilots Licence

Marlborough Aero Club

“From PPL through CPL to instrument rating as well as strip flying, mountain flying, competition days, glider towing etc. The General Aviation (GA) experience at M.A.C is awesome.” R Grigg, Mount Cook Airlines

Marlborough Aero Club has trained many commercial pilots who now work in the aviation industry all over the world. There are many benefits from gaining your CPL with us including one-on-one training and support throughout the course, competitive aircraft hire rates, access to a fleet of different aircraft, access to a number of local strips and the close proximity to airports, plus no travel to the training airspace. Marlborough also benefits from some of the country’s best climatic flying conditions. Download NZ Climate Summary

In addition to your PPL, a CPL allows you to:

  • Legally earn income from your flying
  • Advance to further employment prospects in your aviation career
  • Take to your flying skills to a higher level

How do you obtain a CPL?


Be at least 18 years of age.


You must hold a current Class 1 Medical Certificate. This is a little more in depth than the Class 2 Medical for your PPL . Class 1 Medicals need to be renewed annually. Class 1 Medicals can be obtained here at Omaka Airfield by the famous Dr Dave Baldwin, with the Bulls Flying Doctors Service. For more information see the CAA website:


 Pass an examination in six subjects.

  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Human Factors
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Principles of Flight

These exams are multi-choice and require a 70% pass rate. Exams are sat in Blenhiem on demand. For the next exam sitting visit the ASL website:

Flight Time

You must also complete at least 200 hours total flight time of which:

- 100 hours must be Pilot in Command.
- 10 hours must be instrument flight time
- 30 hours cross-country navigation:

  • 10 hours must be dual  CPL cross country navigation training
  • 10 hours must be solo CPL cross country navigation training

5 hours dual instruction in Terrain and Weather Awareness

Flight Tests

  • Pass a cross country flight test after completing the CPL cross-country navigation syllabus .
  • Pass a CPL flight test which will include all normal and emergency flight manoeuvres.
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