Our Aircraft

  • Cessna 172 ZK-OMR

    Cessna 172

    We have a beautiful C172 with 180hp engine, Manual 40 degree flap and a Horton STOL kit.  The Cessna 172 is a popular cross-country aircraft and is renowned industry wide as a reliable scenic-flight aircraft, with a cruising speed of 110knots. This C172 is great on and off airstrips, with 4 seats it is perfect for taking friends and family out for a scenic flight and a picnic on a remote airstrip or beach.

  • Piper Tomahawk ZK-DMF & ZK-EQH

    Piper Tomahawk

    Learn to fly in the slickest Tomahawks in NZ! Designed specifically for pilot instruction, the Piper Tomahawk trainers have two seats side-by-side and a 112HP engine. An outstanding aircraft to learn in, with good visibility, refitted interior and the latest avionics.

For more information, call 03 578 5073 or email fly@marlboroughaeroclub.co.nz