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MAC Flyer July 2019.pdf

Hi all please find a copy of the July MAC Flyer

Our new President Paul Hally has hit the ground running with a report and a Bio on himself for those who do not know him…

ZK-PIG has left Omaka, read his story…

Dr Dave has even contributed to the MAC Flyer this month…

There are lots of other interesting stories to read also.

We love getting stories and photos from members so please do send them in to me and I will put them in the next edition



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MAC Flyer June 2019.pdf

This month we have an amazing number of Solo Students
Also some great stories from our members flying around the country
Also don't forget the AGM on Wednesday 26th June 2019, 7.30 at the Clubhouse
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MAC Flyer April 2019.pdf

What a busy month.  With a huge amount of work done on the Bristol and the Airshow to show it off at.  If you did not get to the Airshow here is a great brief about the lead up, the actual show and the debrief.
Enjoy our April 2019 issue of the MAC Flyer
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MAC Flyer March 19.pdf

Enjoy our latest March MAC Flyer

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MAC Flyer February 2019

Read the latest February MAC Flyer

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MAC Flyer December 18

Enjoy our Christmas Edition of the MAC Flyer 

Merry Christmans

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MAC Flyer October 18

Read our 50th Edition of the MAC Flyer

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MAC Flyer September 18

Have a read of our September 18 Newsletter

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MAC Flyer August 2018

Have a read of our August MAC Flyer.

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MAC Flyer July 18

Have a read of our July newsletter!

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MAC Flyer June 18

Have a read of our June flyer!

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MAC Flyer Apr 18

Have a read of our April edition of the MAC Flyer. Find a copy of the Registration form for the 90th CelebrationsA few posters on what is happening in the Nelson Region with the Motueka Club Day, Nelson Aero Club comp and Nelson Marl Rescue helicopter open day.A few items to take note of in regard to happenings around the airfieldThe Young Eagles epic fishing trip and 180 and 185 fly in… both written by younger members of the aeroclub.The continuation of Grant Jolley’s career… still to be continued…Sadly a tribute to....... Read on

MAC Flyer Mar 18


All the information you need on the 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Retirements: Ray Patchett and Lester Hope

Enjoy the March Newsletter

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MAC Flyer Feb 18

Have a read of our February 18 newsletter

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MAC Flyer Dec 17


Wishing you all a merry xmas and a happy new year

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MAC Flyer Nov 17


Have a read of our November 17 newsletter

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MAC Flyer Oct 17

Have a read of our October 2017 newsletter.... Read on

MAC Flyer Sept 17


Have a read of our September 2017 Newsletter

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M.A.C. Flyer. Vol 34 No. 4

Craig Anderson. May 21, 2015 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Last week club member Tim Johnson finally found fame and fortune on the walls of Westport International Airport. His reputation and piloting skills are clearly known far and wide, as I found his picture printed in blazing colour in several locations in the airport terminal. The occasion was the opening of the new Sounds Air Wellington/Westport service. The district council and airport had arranged a grand opening, including brass band and sausage sizzle etc. Also organized was a kids colouring competition with the winners of several age groups got a free....... Read on

M.A.C. Flyer Vol. 34 No. 3

Sharn Davies. Mar 5, 2015 Download the full Newsletter PDF

A bit to report on this month. Both C-172’s have been in maintenance for wheel modifications. OMK now has an Alaskan baby bush wheel on the tail which lifts the tail higher off the ground giving us more clearance on the low slung elevators and should absorb some of the lumps and bumps of some airstrips leading to less wear on the airframe and a much more comfortable ride to the pilots and passengers as well as making the aircraft slightly easier to 3 point land as it’s a bit....... Read on

M.A.C. Flyer. Vol 34. No1/2

Sharn Davies. Feb 18, 2015 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Where has the time gone! Christmas flew by followed by January and we are already well into February. I can’t keep up.  First of all a big thank you to all the volunteers that gave up their time and expertise to help us with the Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs. It was a very smoothly run event this year from the grid to the food. There was very little to improve on and we are hearing some great comments from the aviation community about the event. It goes to show how....... Read on

M.A.C. Flyer. Vol 33. No11

Sharn Davies. Dec 4, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Hi All, Windy! Windy! Windy! Pretty much sums up the last month. It’s not only our students getting a little bit frustrated with the weather pattern that seems to have settled in. We are all getting used to being knocked around up there. Good experience for the students but I think I speak on behalf of all the pilots and can confidently say it will be nice when the weather calms down a bit. No surprise then that the hours are down for this month...

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M.A.C. Flyer. Vol 33. No 9

Sharn Davies. Nov 18, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Well a lot has been happening around the club over the past month. My time certainly has been at premium over the last few months as some members have no doubt noticed. I have been putting a lot of my efforts into our flight testing students and we have had some success. I mentioned in the last report that Jake Hynd passed his CPL flight test on October the 1st. Following on from this we had Rhys Hummelstad pass his C Cat on Thursday 30th October in OMK no less........ Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 33 No.9

Sharn Davies. Oct 10, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Marlborough’s best kept secret has arrived-the pesky northwest winds. It has been challenging for our students and keeping us instructors on the ball. Nick Milne has started training part time for Sounds Air, therefore he has dropped back to part time at the club. We have also hired Joshua Evans, a C Cat from the Christchurch region, to take Nick’s place while we are super flat out at the club with numerous flight tests. Joshua has done some flying with us in the past gaining his tail wheel rating in....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 33 No.8

Sharn Davies. Aug 1, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Hi All,Time flies! Almost feels like just last week I wrote up the last report for the M.A.C Flyer however Hayley assures me this is not the case. There has been a lot of activity around the club over the past month.We have had two writers from the NZ Aviation News come do a shortened version of our strip flying course. Both Bernice and Andrew had a great day out with myself and many good laughs and some great pictures were taken. Check out the latest NZ Aviation News for....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 33 No.7

Hayley Campbell. Jul 1, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Hi All,The AGM has been and gone but there are still things to look forward to during these cold winter months.It’s competition season at the moment and we want to encourage members to get involved and give it a go. The low flying competition is being held from 1pm Saturday the 5th. If you would like to give it a go check out page 6 I have included all the up coming competitions for the year.We will also be hosting a winter dinner to help warm up the soul on....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 33 No.4

A royal time was had by all on the 10th April. Will and Kate visiting Omaka was huge for the airfield and has certainly help to put us on the international map. Well done to the everyone at the Aviation Heritage Centre, Jem Aviation, Bill and Robin Reid, and the army of volunteers involved who made the visit so successful.We’re in the process of developing a new website for the Aero Club. This will enable us to reach a wider audience and promote our strip flying courses far and wide........ Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 33 No.3

Zoe Gray. Apr 1, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Sadly, this is my last month here at M.A.C. I have really enjoyed being part of the team here and Omaka is a truly special place; a hive of aviation fuelled activity with huge potential. But, it’s time for me to follow some other dreams! The Aero Club has been a big part of my life (and my families) for the past years. I’ll be sure to call in to say hello from time to time.The Classic Fighters Airshow is a year away, but now is the time to start....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 33 No.1 & 2

Zoe Gray. Feb 1, 2014 Download the full Newsletter PDF

What a start to the New Year?! We thought it could be a big year for the Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs, but the 2014 comps were massive!A huge thanks goes out to all of our wonderful members and friends who supported the club and this event - taking part in the comps, manning BBQs and the ice cream trolley, parking cars, running the bar (a very important job!), taking photos, tidying up, marshalling, judging and generally giving a helping hand.We’ve had some great feedback from spectators and participants alike........ Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.11

Zoe Gray. Dec 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Well what a year it has been for the Marlborough Aero Club!In January our two ‘new’ 172s had just come online, we held the very firstHealthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs in February, hosted the Classic FightersAirshow in March, Kim’s last day in the office in April, strip search competitionand the sale of ZK-EBX in June, the Aero Club’s 85th anniversary on the 4th July followed by a fun night at the Casino Royale Ball in August, in September MAC ventured off to the BridgePa tail dragger weekend where Nick won....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.10

Zoe Gray. Nov 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Good luck to Team MAC who head of to the RNZAC regional rally this month - we know you’ll do us proud!Party season is here! This is the last call for Wings Dinner tickets (our annual celebration of achievements) $45 for a three course meal at Raupo Cafe this Saturday. If you’d like to join us, please call the office today on 578 5073.And don’t forget to book Saturday 14th December in your diaries for the Patron’s Cocktail Party (all members are invited to our annual knees up). We could....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.9

Zoe Gray. Oct 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

We have been so busy lately that members are booking their lessons up to two weeks in advance. So with summer on the way and flying hours continuing the positive trend for now, we are very pleased to inform you that both Nick and Travers will be instructing on Tuesdays.The Club Captains did a sterling job organising the competition day - well done Johnny and Tim.It’s also time to start planning some Christmas festivities and fun! This year the Patron’s Cocktail Party (all members are invited to our annual knees....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.8

Zoe Gray. Sep 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out and came along to the Casino Royale Ball at the beginning of August. It was great to see so many members and friends enjoying the evening; I’m sure there were a few sore heads in the morning!Rob Duff very kindly donated his time to the Club to be our official photographer on the night. Some of the photos are included in this M.A.C. Flyer and individual photos can be viewed via our flickr page. You’ll also find some pictures in September’s....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.7

Zoe Gray. Aug 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

The Aero Club has been a hive of activity with aircraft away for the AOPA Fly-in, one PPL and three first solos this month, the Young Eagles flying day, plus all the preparation for the Ball. It’s great to have so much news and flying activity going on here.We are pleased at announce that registrations for the 2014 Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs (1st Feb 2014) are now open. It’s promising to be a greatcompetition, so get your applications in early if you want to secure your place in the....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.6

Zoe Gray. Jul 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

Happy 85th birthday Marlborough Aero Club! The 4th July 2013 marks 85 years from when the Aero Club was first founded way back in 1928! My, how things have changed since then.The Aero Club has grown into a vibrant hub of aviation with just over 325 members. The flying board is full most days, with students making bookings a week or two in advance to secure their preferred slots.Today, our airfield is home to the Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs, Omaka’sAviation Heritage Centre, the bi-annual Classic Fighters Airshow, ninecommercial aviation....... Read on

MAC Flyer Vol. 32 No.5

Zoe Gray. Jun 1, 2013 Download the full Newsletter PDF

The Club competition season is well under way and it’s great to see members (from students to those with hundreds of hours) having a go! The next four competitions are all in June, so come on out and put your skills to the test!It’s also good to see a number of you taking part in the Club fly-aways and events. The strip search (postponed to Saturday 8th June) has created quite a bit on interest, and (despite Jock Struther’s fairly successful attempt to scupper the weather so that the event....... Read on

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